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Who is Samantha Hall?

Samantha is a gifted psychic medium whose backstory may not be much different from yours. She has powered through the confusion of mood disorders, medical dilemas, personal loss and weight issues just like her clients and she's come out the other side stronger, happier, healthier and full of intuitive insight that she gladly shares with her clients. But her real gift is her ability to connect with a person's soul and higher guidance in order to help her clients discover peace, enlightenment and most of all answers to her client's most pressing questions.

Samantha's unique way of presenting psychic information in a down to earth and usable way has earned her the nickname "The Sensible Psychic". While she wholeheartedly believes in the mystical and accepts the wonder of realms unknown, you'll never find Samantha off in airy fairy land, it's just not her style. She wants you to walk away with confidence that you made the right choice in utilizing her skills, not shaking your head and wondering what planet she came from.

Samantha has known of her natural abilities since age 10. She cultivated them during her 20's and early 30's and became a professional psychic shortly after that. Her background includes a B.S. Degree in Human Services from Troy State University, a 6 year stint in the U.S. Army as a Psychiatric Technician (counselor) and Combat Medic, numerous Psychic Development and Healer courses such as Reiki, Yuen Method, Animal Reiki and the Anastasi System of Psychic Development, she is also a Certified Herbalist and ordained minister. Continuous spiritual development is very important to Samantha as she feels it broadens her ability to more thoroughly assist her clients. Samantha believes we are ALL continuously working on our spiritual paths and it is important to never stop learning, growing and most important....sharing knowledge.

Samantha has been happily married for over 15 years. She has lived all over the US but currently resides in NW Georgia with her husband, child, two Scottish Terriers, Paint horse and a handful of chickens.

How does Samantha do what she does?

Samantha has a natural gift that enables her to connect with people's souls, their energy, their higher self, spirit guides, as well as those who have crossed over and translate the information that comes across for you for life guidance. One of Samantha's specialties is her gift of intuitive perspective. This uniuqe capacity to see all sides of an issue makes her the psychic of choice for those who are stuck in their life path, their relationships, their careers, or even during times of grieving or spiritual distress.

Traditionally Samantha is known as an empathic and audient psychic medium but her skills are not limited to hearing spirit and feeling the emotional states of others, she also utilizes clairavoyance, remote viewing, telepathy and othe psychic skills for a comprehensive approach

to psychic readings. In addition to helping humans, Samantha's ability to connect and communicate with animals makes her a sought after psychic to the pet loving and sport horse community.

Is Samantha the right psychic help for me?

That's hard to say, but if you're here then something guided you to this site, right? Samantha is a firm believer that you should trust your intuition when it comes to making a decision about finding someone to help you on your path.