Please note: 

Phone Reading Instructions:

  • First Book/Pay for your reading online.
  • Then Samantha WILL CALL YOU at your scheduled time
  • Your reading will be recorded for you 🙂

**Psychic Reading Policies and Procedures

  • Making the most of your reading. I prefer to know nothing about you in advance. Your guides will tell me what you need to know and we’ll have plenty of time to get to your direct questions. So please no information about your situation prior to your reading unless I specifically ask for it. This helps keep your reading true, valid and professional!
  • Please keep your scheduled appointment time. I understand that emergencies happen but I do extensive pre-call meditative work with your guides gathering all the information you need and it is only pertinent to that time period.
  • Should a rescheduling emergency happen on my end (This rarely happens). I will contact you as early as possible and happily compensate you with free extra time for you inconvenience.
  • Cancellation policy: Sometimes people just need to cancel. I get it, but I have only a limited number of appointment slots during the day and often have to put people on a waiting list. If you need to cancel please do so no less than 24 hours in advance. A timely refund will be issued if you have pre-paid but a $25 convenience charge may be withheld. If you are having an ‘instant’ reading I cannot offer refunds.
  • Let’s Party….NOT! Please make sure you are clean and sober before having a reading. I reserve the right to terminate a reading without refund if a client is drunk or under the influence of illicit drugs. I’m not judging you, but if you are drunk, hung over or high please reschedule.
  • Quiet Place. We all have kids, dogs, doorbells, second phone lines, etc. Distractions happen, but try to find a quiet place where you will most likely not be disturbed during your reading time.
  • Recording your reading. Please be advised that I record all telephone readings at no extra charge and will email you an Mp3 file after your session. In person readings can be recorded by you on your cellphone or other device. The information you receive may or may not make sense today, but it will, so keep that recording and refer back to it as your life path progresses. I am channeling your information and will not remember it later should you email me and say…”Remember when you told me this….?”
  • Hold Harmless. I take your reading very seriously but by clicking on your payment you agree that psychic readings are held in regard by the general public as for ‘entertainment purposes’ and agree to hold harmless Samantha Hall for your reaction (physical, financial, emotional, interpersonal) to the information provided in your reading. If you feel you have a medical, psychological, interpersonal, financial issue, please consult the proper licensed professional as YOUR intuition sees fit.
  • Privacy. Your reading information/guidance is personal, private and confidential. I DO NOT share or discuss your reading with anyone without your express permission. Please DO NOT let other people listen in on your reading as it can disrupt the flow of information. You can share your recording with your friends/family after your reading is completed.
  • Age: I do not do telephone readings for anyone under the age of 18. If you need a child read please contact me directly.
  • Reports. I will report any inappropriate conduct, fraudulent charge backs/pay pal disputes, harassment, or inappropriate negative feedback to Best American Psychics.