Aqua-Chi Footbath Service

"This scientifically validated process has been have likened the experience of a session to that of bathing in nature’s hot springs."

Aqua-Chi Negative Ion Detox/Energizing Footbath is said to have detoxifying properties,
but this negative ion footbath is most known for its effects on the temporary relief of  certain chronic pain issues, distinct mood lifting properties and significant energizing effects.

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**As far as we know, footbaths do not interfere with any medications but the Aqua-Chi company advises that you do not use the footbath if you have had an organ transplant, have a pacemaker, or are pregnant as they do not know if this will effect those conditions. **

  • A.O., Arizona
    "(March 25th)....Hey just wanted to let you know that you told me awhile back that my house will sell in March. Well we received an offer and we close in May! I'm extremely excited and extremely nervous at the same time. I wanted to also say Thank you!!?
    A.O., Arizona
  • K.T., Georgia
    "Just wanted you to know that my friend that you did a reading for...couldn't figure out that important date you mentioned and was wondering what it was. She beat cancer and it's her first day back to school teaching....TODAY is that date. You're amazing. Thank you and hope all is well."
    K.T., Georgia
  • N.B., Georgia
    "Thank you for today (healing session). You are a beautiful soul. I feel so relaxed."
    N.B., Georgia