Reiki Sessions

Personal energy 'chi' balancing. Great for unblocking stagnant life issues & promoting deep relaxation so the body,  mind & spirit can start it's healing journey.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki, otherwise known as gentle energy balancing and healing is an ancient art.

Reiki requires no particular religious or spiritual beliefs in order for it to work, it simply works. This gentle movement of universal energy through the conduit of the Reiki practitioner helps put the body in a deep state of relaxation in order to promote self healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Reiki is an excellent compliment to ANY medical condition or protocol and does not interfere with any particular treatment a person might be participating in.

Reiki simply harnesses and directs the universal chi energy that is within us, the energy that connects all of us, and intuitively guides itself to the appropriate places within the receiver for maximum benefit.

During In-Person sessions the recipient remains fully clothed and comfortably blanketed on a standard massage table. Light touch/placement of hands on or above the receiver is implemented as the Reiki energy flows.  Several minutes are taken after your session to discuss what I/you saw, felt or experienced during your session.

Distance Reiki sessions are conducted in the same manner using visualization of the recipient instead of a physical body. The results are exactly the same as in-person sessions.

  • A.O., Arizona
    "(March 25th)....Hey just wanted to let you know that you told me awhile back that my house will sell in March. Well we received an offer and we close in May! I'm extremely excited and extremely nervous at the same time. I wanted to also say Thank you!!?
    A.O., Arizona
  • K.T., Georgia
    "Just wanted you to know that my friend that you did a reading for...couldn't figure out that important date you mentioned and was wondering what it was. She beat cancer and it's her first day back to school teaching....TODAY is that date. You're amazing. Thank you and hope all is well."
    K.T., Georgia
  • N.B., Georgia
    "Thank you for today (healing session). You are a beautiful soul. I feel so relaxed."
    N.B., Georgia