Nobody has a perfect day every day

There is controversy around the internet that social media sites and websites portray a false sense of perfection in the eyes of readers. We all know that nobody has a perfect day every day and no matter how much sweetness and light a website spewes, the author has, indeed, had a bad day or two. I speak from experience.
We all have ups and downs, good days and bad days. We get grumpy, lose our spiritual way, and well, just have total melt downs on occasion. But if it weren’t for those off days, those sobbing total melt downs, no lessons would be learned, no insight could be provided and no tools for growth would be developed.
So when in your darkest hours you seek help from a website (or person) that is designed to motivate and inspire you suddenly find ourself more depressed because everyone else seems to be breezing through all of life’s trials while you’re still struggling, just remember this…
* The author has most likely been right where you’ve been, how else would they know the answers?
* The author had and still has issues too, why else would they be producing that content?
* The author knows that no two situations are the same, but something they have to offer just might be of help during your struggles.
Perfection in others (or their websites, pinterest page, or social media site) in an illusion of perspective. Answers come from walking through the fire and coming out the other side with enlightened perspective. No one is born with perfect knowledge, knowledge comes from experience, through exploring the self. So remember, that the people or virtual places that seem ‘perfect’ to you, only got to that point through imperfection. And you can bet on the fact that under that text, under those inspired words, the author is still imperfect, just like everyone else, but working on improvements and sharing what they learn.